Artist: Felix Kubin with Mitch & Mitch
Album: Disco 2100 / Antarktis / Hotel
Format: 12 inch EP
Label: gagarin
Cat-no.: gr2033
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Release Date: 15.11.2014

With a tickling electric charge spreading up to their tongues, the collaboration between Felix Kubin and the Polish space jazz ensemble Mitch & Mitch continues with the release of this Maxi EP. A tribute to Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Disco 2100 (The Bridge) combines the music of their Venusian dance track Disco 2100 (1978) and the lyrics of The Bridge (1968). Re-enacting the theatrical character of Sun Ra's later pieces, the Mitches and Kubin cross the bridge from outer space in a slow advancing chant, guided by the compelling baseline of the original.
A throbbing tribal Disco which flashes like an intermittent pulsing colour.
On the flip side, Antarktis Slow Rock and Hotel Super Nova - two Kubin evergreens from the turn of the millenium - shine in a new arrangement by Max Knoth. While retaining the original vibe of the tracks, he clearly pays homage to the classical big band sound.

Recorded at Studio Warszawa by Jasiek Wronski, Marek Lipski and Artur Stodolny, Warsaw, August 2014
Mixed by Tobias Levin and Hannes Plattmeier at Electric Avenue Studio, Hamburg, Sept 2014


1 Disco 2100 (The Bridge)

2 Antarktis Slow Rock
3 Hotel Super Nova