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Augsburger Tafelconfect

Augsburger Tafelconfect appear in various cities all over europe including berlin, barcelona, hamburg, brussels, paris, bergen, vienna, aachen. an extensive european tour was taking place in nov. 04. other activites include audio-film-workshops [ZKM karlsruhe with felix kubin oct 03] and comissioned works [f.e. composing jingles for dutch media art project "transmission"]. in march 05 they premiere their new cinematic project shared with berlin based composer and sound artist boris d. hegenbart : an improvised live soundtrack for the rare silent movie "alice in wonderland" by w.w. young starring viola savoy from 1915.
as a result of a two week residency in media ruimte, brussels, ATC are currently working on new studio material.
in 2005 ATCs jyrgen hall and sebastian reier will also start working frequently with guitarist noël akchoté and andrew sharpley [of ae and stock, hausen & walkman], and recorded with mauro pawlowski.

the members

jyrgen hall [computer, electronics] *09.07.69

originates from the town of aachen and claims to be the second-most famous musician from there [behind free jazz drummer paul lovens]. member of the groenland orchester and also known under his alter ego gunter adler, various releases on the labels staubgold, mik.musik! and gagarin records. recently dives into netaudio activity, for instance in 2003 he establishes the net-label and releases an ep on currently working on a series of compositions for piano.

baronesseA [video] *13.05.76

born in hamburg, livia von seld focuses on film, photography, illustration, web art, acting, painting and music. graduate of the hochschule fuer gestaltung hamburg in 2003. she is involved in a variety of projects including the band stockheinz karlhausen, szpital polski [with mariola brillowska], visuals for miki mikron. her works are shown all over europe in concerts of ATC, miki mikron and various festivals including festival I.D.E.A.L. in nantes march 04, the garage festival stralsund, stanser musiktage and the munich opera festival [kastanienball by stefan winter with no‘l akchotŽ, j.g. thirlwell, ernst reijseger, nobuyoshi araki, jean-louis costes and others]. she is the art director of the label nneon.

sebastian reier [volcano guitar, computer] *12.06.77

born in bad windsheim, germany. co-runs the music publishing company edition stora and directs the nneon label. works as improvising guitar player since 2000, regular collaborators include sascha demand, noël akchoté, john hegre, teppei ozawa, andrew sharpley. he also played with the band stockheinz karlhausen, ernst reijseger and verdammt viel others. further activities include djing [as booty carrell] as well as production, curation [nuit blanche paris 02 | festival I.D.E.A.L. nantes 04 | festival garage stralsund 04] and writing for austria's music publication skug as well as for the online appearance of german weekly newspaperĘ die zeit. reier is member of the board of rockcity, hamburgs music association.

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