Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin

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Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin
"Tesla's Aquarium"

12" LP
release 01.10.2000

The new debut record from the sci-fi pop meister Felix Kubin (Klangkrieg, Gagarin Records) and the diva of macabre Pia Burnette (Mausi Sisters, Helgoland and Band and electro Sun). The 11 heterogeneous songs that comprise "Tesla's Aquarium" culminates 2 months of studio work and marks a departure from previous works released from this unlikely duo. "Tesla's Aquarium" is chiefly inspired by the scientific synthetic/acoustic vision of Dr. Kubin who provides short-wave electronics, shrill farfisa whirls, dissonant violins, atmospheric sounds, a multitude of hand-played rhythms and buzzing organ treatments. It should also be noted here that Max Goldt provides strange cling-clang rhythms created with his prepared electric guitar, taken from recordings in his living room 15 years ago! Pia Burnette, better known for her sinister hypnotic vocals, assumes the androgenous hip-priestess role here, obtusely complimenting the rhythmic sound cocktails orchestrated by the mad scientist Kubin. Her vocal stylings range from sassy urban punkette (in German), tipsy Geisha Doll (sung in Japanese) and operetic pop diva (in English).

"Tesla's Aquarium" fuses subliminal aggression and melancholy into an eclectic collage of mesmerizing sounds and hypnotic ballads for fans of "unconventional" pop music.

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