Miki Mikron

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Miki Mikron

With a deep affection toward the mainstream, deep skepticism toward the conditions.

In life between ghetto, hipster-ism, the will to experiment, flirting, and reading teenie magazines, Miki devises a gratifyingly visionary longing for freedom and communication in music and everyday life.
Because the aspect of his songs seemingly mainstream acts also as a bridge making his thoughts accessible to as many people possible. And this is a statement against all existing sound and in-group dogmata (be it "mainstream" or "indie") that can only be avoided if one refuses to settle for that with which many others succeeded.

This is how Miki keeps his ears open to everything innovative and exciting, helps himself to Nu RnB, Grime or New Jack Swing among others, and with the fusion of Euro-pop, manages to create a bold, fresh, nevertheless familiar-sounding thing that has never been done before in this form.
Think big!
           - Anne Otto (Translated by Douglas Patton)

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